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Mike and Betty Turner

Founded in 1971

We have a long history

In 1971, long-time Ringling residents and ranchers, Mike and Betty Turner, had an idea for a real estate office. They wanted to create a real estate company that focused on ranch sales; a company that understood the needs of buyers and sellers of large parcels of lands. And from that idea, Turner Land Company was born. Mike and Betty traveled throughout Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas helping ranchers buy and sell their property. The Turners understood the specialized needs of the land market because they lived it each day on their own land. Turner Land Company continued to grow and in 1997 the Turners invited Mike Faulkner, a local rancher and businessman, to join their company. Mike Faulkner began traveling with the Turners and learning the keys to their trade. As the years went by, Mike and Betty Turner incorporated their business to become Turner Land Company LLC and added Mike Faulkner as a partner. Mike is now entering his 25th year with Turner Land and serves as Managing Broker. His daughter-in-law, Heather Faulkner, joined the group in 2011 and serves as a Broker Associate. Turner Land also has a team of seven other sales associates to meet the needs of Southern Oklahoma land needs.

Mike and Betty Turner have passed on, but their proud legacy remains and is seen each day in the work we do at Turner Land. Whether it is ranch or residential sales, our team are all landowners that understand the ins and outs of buying and selling. We are here to make land sales a simpler process and help land buyers find the land of their dreams. With 50 years of experience, we are the land experts you need on your side.